2016 EDP POLYBAGGER Model: AB2008 DF with kwiklok


2016 EDP POLYBAGGER Model: AB2008 DF with kwiklok

A$18,000 (AUD)


The machine was manufactured in 2016 and was used for 3 months in the first year, then 7 weeks in the second year. Since then it has been run at small amounts weekly to keep it in working order. It is in very good condition. It has been cleaned it and it almost looks brand new. It can fill up to 6kg bags. There is a small 1.8 metre conveyor and also a turntable which goes with the machine. The machine has a vacuum filler, a platform that can be raised and lowered and importantly it has a full Kwik Lok printer which prints batch, expiry dates and codes on the clips. It can be attached to all combination weighers such as Daumar, Newtec, Bottazzi, Sorma and Manter. These machines are packing potatoes, onions, tomatoes, apples, oranges, mandarins and the like.


ModelPOLYBAGGER Model: AB2008 DF with kwiklok
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