HARVEST AID Agricultural Machinery

HARVEST AID Agricultural Machinery

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High Volume Mango Harvester Capacity possible is about 80 bins per day or 32,000 kg per day It has a 4500 L water tank, that waters the tarp with the Mangowash solution It has a mezzanine floor for high picking- 2 extendable platforms for the pickers to get closer to the high fruit The tarp sails channel picked fruit down into the water trough to dose the fruit The fruit is conveyed back up to the mezzanine level pic 1364 where a deposit chute fills 4 bins at a time, & the bins are on the harvest aid, not the ground It also caters for ground picking The bin runner frame sits on a flat top (bin runner truck) that can dock onto the harvest aid, and the full bins are conveyed off the harvest aid , onto the bin runner Bins never touch the ground Drives The hydraulics are connected via the tractor remotes, these drive the conveyors & ancillaries And the tractor PTO drives the main water pumps & ancillaries And as pictured it is tractor trailed, pulled behind a decent tractor


ManufacturerHARVEST AID
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