AMERICAN MADE Nitrogen Freezer tunnel

AMERICAN MADE Nitrogen Freezer tunnel

A$45,000 (AUD)

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Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Tunnel American made, all stainless steel solid construction with a 600 wide mesh belt by 6 metres. Plenty of height clearance, 600 mm when the hood is closed. It has 4 spray nozzles along the length of the tunnel in the top. The hood is raised by cables driven by electric winch. The advantage of liquid nitrogen freezer as follows: 1. The lowest temperature is -150 ℃, the quick freezing time is short, the output per unit time is large, and the efficiency is high! 2. Long preservation time, good food quality, can maintain the original taste of the food very well! 3. Less dry consumption, no loss of nutrient juice and water, the defrosted food can maintain the "original taste"! 4. The energy consumption of the same output is low, the loss of cooling capacity is small, and the operating cost is low! 5. Easy to clean and maintain, one-click operation to say goodbye to the troublesome settings! 6. The use of liquid nitrogen refrigeration is safe and hygienic, pollution-free, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms!


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